Passionate about sharing the Yoga LOVE and raising the vibrations within her community and beyond, Eirian is dedicated to championing projects which speak to her heart. From helping global communities to raising awareness about the sustainability of our planet - take a look and join the movement!


The Erenjang Project

Set up by fellow Manchester Yoga teacher Madeline Penfold after a trip to The Gambia, The Erenjang Project strives to bring the best possible education and support to the children of Erenjang nursery, throughout the earliest and most important years of learning and development. 

By finding sponsors for children who cannot afford school fees and donations, they aim to provide ongoing support for further growth of the school, extra classes and medical care.

Eirian hosts pop up Yoga events throughout the year to raise funds for the project, keep an eye out on the Events Page for forthcoming and check out their website to find more ways to get involved!


Partisan Collective

Partisan is a collective and volunteer run space in Manchester for independent, community led, DIY and cultural based projects.

Eirian taught Yoga there during 2018 and felt very honoured to have been part of such an inspiring community space.

They have two floors where they’ve hosted DIY gigs, club nights, arts festivals, community and social justice group meetings, talks and debates, music and art workshops and much more!

Get involved by joining up as a membervolunteering in a working group, booking the space for an event or giving a one-off donation.


Klean Kanteen

What happens when you throw something away? Away isn't some magical place; it's landfill, an incinerator, the bottom of the ocean, litter or the stomach of an animal. It's always somewhere else...

Eirian believes in the power of wasting less, recycling more, becoming ethically aware and showing that she cares about the environment which is why she teamed up with Klean Kanteen.

One simple step towards using less plastic is to ditch buying bottled drinks.

Lets grow together and preserve our planet!