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Reggae Yoga Brunch with Well Bar Bowls
Saturday 8th October

This pop up class is in collaboration with Well Bar Bowls - an amazing smoothie bowl company set up by one of Eirian's regular Reggae Yoga students Kimberly Grant.

Well Bar Bowls are all natural, tasty & nourishing, plant based smoothie bowls that use colour therapy to help you feel happy from the inside out!

YinB4Gin in aid of The Erenjang Project Christmas Campaign
Friday 12th Oct

Yin Yoga followed by a cheeky G&T or coconut water. NO alcohol consumed during the yoga class. Yin Yoga is a quieting, grounding, meditative practice designed to rejuvenate the body and still the mind.

All money raised through ticket sales will go towards the ‘Gifts For Gambia’ Christmas campaign for The Erenjang Project. The Erenjang Project works to support children in Kotu, The Gambia throughout their earliest and most important years of education, providing support to the children who's family can not afford to send them to school. 

Fall into Balance - An Autumnal day retreat

Sunday 21st October

Based in Didsbury South Manchester,  this day retreat has been designed to help you connect to the inner parts of yourself through Yoga & Creative Expression, allowing you to find balance and harmony with nature as you transition into a new season.


Marrakech Retreat

19-24 March 2019


fellah pool 3.jpg

Explore & Unwind

From the rooftops of downtown Manchester to the rooftops of old town Marrakech, join Eirian Collinge for a week of Yoga, culture and an exploration of your senses under the blue skies of the magical Kingdom.


Ibiza Retreat

15th - 20th September 2019



Relax & Rejuvenate

Connect with nature, breathe that soul-soothing air and take in stunning sunsets as you relax, revitalise and recharge your mind, body and soul. As well as the physical practice of yoga asana, you will be learning more deeply about yogic philosophy. You will explore meditation and mindfulness, making your mind stronger and more resilient to deal with the ups and downs of everday life.