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Upcoming offerings


Flip your perspective - Forearm balance & handstand workshop

Saturday 13th April

Cariad Yoga X Strength Clinic

Join Eirian and Chet for an afternoon exploring inversions where they'll blend two perspectives of Yoga & Acro techniques, designed to teach you all the tools needed to develop a safe and confident inversion practice.


The Refuge Easter Weekender

Friday 19th April

A day of wellbeing & mindfulness activities designed to make you unwind & relax within the confines on The Refuge. Gong baths, Reggae yoga, raw baking workshop & much more.

Eirian is excited to be hosting Reggae Yoga and Yin & Tonic as part of the lineup.


Flower Full Moon Yoga & Meditation afternoon

Sunday 19th May

Set under May’s Full ‘Flower’ Moon, you’re invited to slow down and explore the different layers of your being through movement and meditation.

The afternoon will guide you on a journey from movement to stillness and into your inner world, creating space for self reflection and transformation.


Marrakech Retreat

19-24 March 2019


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Explore & Unwind

From the rooftops of downtown Manchester to the rooftops of old town Marrakech, join Eirian Collinge for a week of Yoga, culture and an exploration of your senses under the blue skies of the magical Kingdom.


Ibiza Retreat

15th - 20th September 2019



Relax & Rejuvenate

Connect with nature, breathe that soul-soothing air and take in stunning sunsets as you relax, revitalise and recharge your mind, body and soul. As well as the physical practice of yoga asana, you will be learning more deeply about yogic philosophy. You will explore meditation and mindfulness, making your mind stronger and more resilient to deal with the ups and downs of everday life.