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Yin & Tonic Yoga

Friday 27th September

Let go of the working week, reset and refresh! 

Yin Yoga followed by a cheeky G&T or coconut water. NO alcohol consumed during the yoga class.

Hosted by Eirian from Cariad Yoga, this special monthly class is the perfect opportunity to wind down from work and socialise with other like minded souls.

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Lets talk about stress

A wellness afternoon exploring Movement, Meditation & Yoga

Sunday 29th Sept

Join Eirian Collinge from Cariad Yoga and Dr Jessicarr Moorhouse from TRIBE.MCR in an open discussion & practical workshops as we explore Yoga, Meditation & workout techniques to help you manage stress. 

‘Stress’ refers to any physical, emotional stimulus that provokes a reaction from the body. Eirian and Dr Jessicarr will start the discussion by talking about their personal experiences with stress and how keeping active, developing an at home yoga & meditation practices has helped them manage their relationship with stress.


Hunter's Full Moon Yoga & Meditation afternoon

Sunday 13th October

Set under October’s Full ‘Hunter’s’ Moon, you’re invited to slow down and explore the different layers of your being through movement and meditation.

As we move into a new season, on October 13th we will experience a Full Moon in the energising, fiery sign of Aries.

Use this potent warrior Hunter’s moon as a time for transition, release, and bringing much needed inner peace.


Ibiza Retreat

15th - 20th September 2019



Relax & Rejuvenate

Connect with nature, breathe that soul-soothing air and take in stunning sunsets as you relax, revitalise and recharge your mind, body and soul. As well as the physical practice of yoga asana, you will be learning more deeply about yogic philosophy. You will explore meditation and mindfulness, making your mind stronger and more resilient to deal with the ups and downs of everday life.



Marrakech Full Moon Retreat

5th - 10th May 2020


Yoga, culture and an exploration of your senses

Yin Yoga, Mandala Vinyasa & Lunar Arts

From the rooftops of downtown Manchester to the rooftops of old town Marrakech, join Eirian Collinge for a week of Yoga, culture and an exploration of your senses under the blue skies and full moon of the magical Kingdom.