About Cariad Yoga...


Eirian Collinge’s roots go back to North Wales where she grew up playing outside in nature, swimming in the rivers, climbing trees and exploring the mountains.

Cariad - Welsh for LOVE, was the inspiration behind bringing Cariad Yoga and her passion for the practice to Manchester, where you’ll find her teaching independently in unique & inspiring venues across the Northern & Green Quarter districts. 

Teaching from the heart…

With a fun loving spirit, Eirian ensures her classes are playful and accessible, creating a safe environment where students can move freely, reconnect to themselves & feel empowered through their practice. 

Eirian teaches a mixture of Yoga styles from Vinyasa Flow – a beautifully creative, dance-like style that links movement with breath, to Yin Yoga – a slow, grounding, deeply meditative style of practice.

The Mandala model in her public Vinyasa classes also works closely with Energetic Bodywork, Chakra and Elemental theories. 

Coming back to yourself… 

From the age of 19, Eirian’s journey with Yoga has taught her how to deal with life’s challenges in a wonderfully creative way. 

For most of her 20’s she worked in high pressured sales roles which triggered stress related IBS, Acne & Insomnia. After being signed off work with burnout in 2013 she found she didn’t have the energy for her usual fast paced Ashtanga or heating Bikram classes. It was at this low point that she was introduced to a regular meditation practice at Roger Cole’s Better Sleep workshop. This immersive weekend completely changed her personal practice and relationship towards herself and stress, eventually leading her to complete her teacher training in 2015.   

Stay curious in your practice…

Eirian always finds her curious nature seeking out different styles of Yoga to inspire her own practice and teaching style. She’s grateful for her ongoing spiritual Jivamukti practice with Andrea Everingham here in Manchester and this year she’s also found herself enjoying the traditional Ashtanga roots & discipline of Rocket Yoga.

Travel to connect not to escape…

Having travelled all over the world on various long backpacking trips, Eirian’s teaching style has been influenced by the many places she has experienced. Travelling has helped her grow spiritually and allowed her to connect with people from all walks of life. She’s excited to share Retreat offerings abroad in 2019 where she will combine her passion for travel with her love of Yoga.



Ashtanga Vinyasa - Drishti Yoga, Costa Rica April 2015

Pranification a Chakra Journey, Mandala Vinyasa - The Yoga People, London April 2017

Mandala Vinyasa - The Yoga People, London April 2017

Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Meditation - The Yoga People, Thailand November 2017

The Art of Lunar Prana Vinyasa & Prana Flow massage - Shiva Rea, Amsterdam October 2018

Yoga for Stress & Burnout - Leah Barnett, Manchester October 2018

Chakra Mandala Vinyasa | Liberating the Body Mandala - Shiva Rea, Amsterdam June 2019

Foundations of somatic stress release™ with Scott Lyons - Embodied Flow™ Yoga, October 2019

Weekend workshops

Roger Cole (2013)

Claire Missingham (2015)

Aim True founder Kathryn Budig (2016 & 2017)

Ashtanga legend David Swenson (2016)

Sarah Powers (2018)